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After 35 years in the Construction Industry, subcontracting to Regional and National Companies, we know all about:

  • Payment abuse by clients e.g. late payments and all the personal anguish this can cause
  • Outstanding and overdue Retentions
  • Pressure to settle Supplier invoices
  • And All the Associated cash flow problems....

So now we've done something about it with The Mach-1 Plan

The Mach-1 Plan is designed to provide a workable strategy to improve the cash flow in a construction subcontracting company.  Subcontractors throughout the construction industry suffer payment abuse at the hands of main contractors which is an extremely serious issue that has caused the demise of many a good company.
The Construction Act brought some significant improvements to the subcontractor's lot.  But typically the main contractors set about finding imaginitive ways around those features that restricted the abuse they could impose on their subcontractors.
The Mach-1 Plan also lends itself to many other strategies and can be applied to any industry or credit control policy.
The Mach-1 Plan puts you in charge.
Some of the plan's content will be elementary to many people but not to everyone.  Much of the content will already be used by some companies either formally or informally but few will include all the plan's features in a fully developed strategy.  The plan is in no way meant to be exhaustive - it can't be, the construction industry is dynamic and there is no one way to solve all issues.

Many companies already possess good cash colection strategies.  Where this is so The Mach-1 Plan should supplement those strategies - it should not replace them.

The strategies within The Mach-1 Plan do work.  In all probability you will not be able to apply them on every contract but where you do you will enjoy a welcome boost to your cash position.
The Mach-1 Plan should be thought of as a tool. 
The more determined you are to use the tool, the better you will become at using it.

Your Questions On The Mach-1 Plan Answered


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