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Your Questions & How To Purchase the Mach-1 Plan

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Your Questions Answered 

What Is The Mach-1 Plan?
A simple step-by-step guide to negotiating (at the point of getting the order) beneficial payment terms that the main contractor will find difficult to manipulate.  Checking that the agreed terms as you intend them to be, are acknowledged by all the main contractor's key personnel.  Issuing and agreeing the value of your application to ensure there are no shocks and finding it is too late to change it.  Pursuing your payment proactively, overcoming the hurdles before they arise.
Who will benefit?
All companies will benefit from the plan.  The company will establish a policy of incorporating payment terms at the outset that optimise cash flow potential for the company and provide the leverage to make it happen.
What do I get?
A logical approach to managing your payments with some useful tips which, if followed, will dramatically improve your cash flow.

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What success will I have?
This will depend on how resolute you are.  If you have the self confidence you will get a high degree of success from applying the plan and significantly improve your cash flow.
What other services do you offer?
On site training for the The Mach-1 Plan.
 See other services for optional assistance in this and other areas
How do I purchase The Mach-1 Plan?
Send a cheque for £95.00 plus VAT to MCG Associates 27 Howard St, Rotherham S65 1JQ.  Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.
Should you have any queries please e-mail us at or contact us: our contact details are below.


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