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MCG Associates provide advice & support to managing directors who own or part own small to medium sized businesses. We are also specialist advisers to existing and potential franchisees, licensees and symbol brand members. We pursue fairer treatment of our clients by the Franchisor,Licensor or Symbol operator.
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There are several aspects to our business, we provide a comprehensive business advice & support service

We offer coaching and mentoring to help the busy managing director develop his or her business skills and achieve his/her objectives whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance.

The Mach-1 Plan is a simple and practical guide to improving cash flow for a small to medium sized construction business. 
ADVISING CURRENT AND ASPIRING FRANCHISEES, LICENSEES AND SYMBOL BRAND MEMBERS. Franchising, Licensing or becoming a member of a symbol brand is an attractive business opportunity for an aspiring business person. However they are not always the opportunities they appear to be so if you intend to follow this route please be aware there is an endless list of potential pitfalls. ALWAYS ASK THEM WHY DO THEY APPOINT FRANCHISEES OR LICENSEES OR SYBOL MEMBERS.

We are one of 3,000 worldwide accredited associates of The Institute for Independent Business (IIB), an international accreditation body of business professionals which primarily offers business advice and support via its business support programme for owner/directors of small to medium sized enterprises. 
We are also Associates of the Insitutute of Consultants.
Both Institutes have stringent Codes of Ethics which have to be strictly adhered to.  Visit their sites on and .
With our extensive experiences at Managing Director level we understand the solitude and frustrations of being a Managing Director/Owner of a small/medium enterprise (SME). 

We provide a friendly and personal external independent advice and total business support service that will ensure your success is more satisfying and enjoyable.

Our business is realising your vision and aspirations.  


We look forward to working with you.  

MCG Associates         07921788100